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Hi-Way Sander Model: E1010    aka:Super P HC

Hi-Way Sander Model: E1010 aka:Super P HC

The Hi-Way E1010 deicing spreader is commonly found among the fleets of contractors, and lawn and landscape professionals. Mounted on a 26,000 lb truck, it offers increased maneuverability yet provides adequate capacity.

  • The Super P HC is offered 9' and 10' length, both 80" wide.
  • The hopper is only offered in 304 stainless steel construction.
  • The unit is either powered by dual motor hydraulics or an 11HP Honda engine with incab controls.
  • Heavy-duty two-piece hinged screens.
  • Hanging inverted V to minimize bridging and reduce pressure on the conveyor

Hi-Way Sander Model: E2020

Hi-Way Sander Model: E2020

The Hi-Way E2020XT is the spreader of choice among contractors and municipalities for winter deicing.

  • A heavy-duty steel 10-gauge hopper and stakes with 7-gauge steel conveyor bottom panel and sills.
  • 304 stainless steel and 409 stainles steel units also available.
  • A 24" wide roller conveyor chain with 3/8" x 1-1/2" cross bars for spreading deicing materials.
  • The conveyor is driven by a 6:1 reduction, 98% efficient spur gear drive with a hi-torque/low-speed hydraulic motor.
  • A fully enclosed hydraulic-drive spinner with two internal deflectors, a 20" diameter spinner disc including six bolt-on hardened fins and a four-section baffle to control material application.
  • Optional equipment that may be ordered with the E2020XT including the following: Pintle chain, Belt-over-chain, or Straight belt conveyor in lieu of the standard roller chain for spreading a variety of materials. Series hydraulics, manual-dual hydraulics, electric-dual hydraulics, or 18 horsepower Briggs & Stratton engine is available. An inverted "V" that mounts in a fixed or swinging position. Fenders, Spill shield, Cab shield, Ladders and screens are just some of the other options available.

Hi-Way Sander Model: Super P

Hi-Way Sander Model: Super P

The Hi-Way Super P is the spreader of choice among contractors and municipalities for winter deicing. Designed for vehicles with 15,000lb to 20,000lb GVW

  • The Super P is standard with a heavy-duty hopper
  • 59 1/2" wide body with a 16 1/2" conveyor bottom
  • Offered in lengths from 8' to 12'
  • The Super P comes standard with a 10.5 HP Brigges & Stratton engine, nylon tiedown straps and a top screen
  • An optional 11.0 HP Honda engine or hydraulic drive is available
  • There are various in-cab controls for increased efficency and convenience.